Sunday 31 July 2011

Hoverfly Heaven

With a good number of wildflowers in my wildlife garden, and the good warm weather of late (although nowhere near the 100's that Dave has been experiencing), the whole of the garden has been literally buzzing with more hoverflies than I have seen before, along with a lot of worker and Bumble bees taking nectar from many sources.

So, taking a short break in between work today, I popped out with the 5Dmk2 and 180 macro lens and grabbed a few images to share with you.  Nothing special and all handheld, but pretty typical of garden life at the moment.

I also found a Common Carpet moth which was probably one that I released from an overnight moth trapping session.

Robbie dropped in to see us yesterday, so it was great to  see him and catch up with things. I was also very grateful for a break from my slab laying work, and for helping me lift stuff around.  


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