Sunday 10 July 2011

Carry a camera at all times

I read that some people carry a camera at all times and some say that a Dslr is just too big to carry around and others have a compact just in case, The last couple of weeks i have had my D3s and 24-70 plus flash gun with me at all times, I have been busy looking at houses as ours is sold and having some pics for reference can help in the decision process, Yesterday we had a long day out on the road looking at lots of property, We stopped to grab a coffee at a well known coffee house and on the way back to the car my sharp eyed wife called me over and asked what was stuck on the side of a crape myrtle tree in the car park, On closer inspection it was obviously a moth and a very large and beautiful moth at that, I grabbed the camera out of the car and took a couple of picks before deciding to grab the flash and add some fill light to the moth, The crape myrtle had 4 or 5 small trunks and made getting the lens and flash difficult to get in position, At the end of the day i was very glad to have a decent camera with me to document a new specie for me, The flash certainly helped bring out the blue in the spots on its back, Looking at my field guide it turned out to be a Giant Leopard Moth (ecpantheria scribonia) a very large moth not far short of 4'' long, I wish i had my macro lens with me but in a way i like the wide angle approach which shows some habitat, I know carrying your camera gear around with you in the car can be a pain as well as a worry that it will get stolen but how many times have you cussed for missing a one off situation, Make sure that your gear is well insured and that it IS covered for being in the car


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