Saturday 2 July 2011

Its holiday weekend here in the States as everybody celebrates the 4th July, The weather in NC is excellent with the weekend in the high 90's
Photographically the big news this week is the buying out of Pentax and Hasselblad, I think both offer excellent medium format cameras and i hope that will continue, I have wanted a MF camera for many years and have never got one, The Pentax 645D looks a great camera and excellent value for money at around $10k, My agency got swallowed up by the Getty corp last month and i have been going through all the paper work this week, It seems to be that time when the big boys with the money can take advantage of the economy and get some bargains-just like the housing market, We have had ours on the market for a couple of weeks and luckily have had some good interest-yesterday we had an offer which we refused but there are still a couple of interested party's so who knows how the next few months will pan out, Fingers crossed that by the end of the year we will have a new home with a few acres of land that i can make my own photographic reserve-its what dreams are made of
This week i got through the results of my wildlife photographer of the year submission, I knew that i had not made the finals as that time had past but out of 20 images all went through the first round and 12 made the semi finals, Not as good as i had hoped and not as good as last year where 17 went through to the semis and one made the final round-must try harder
Here are the 12 that made the semis

Obviously various categories, I guess it does show that you do not need to go to the ends of the earth to get good images, The caterpillar (hornworm) was taken in my garden and the cormorant was taken in the UK on a pond next to a pub, I will be interested to see the winners in the comp, I am sure there will be some controversy as usual


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