Friday 15 July 2011

New phone = new apps

Recently I asked if any of you had any favourite apps that you use on your smartphones. Well I changed out my phone a couple days ago for a Samsung Galaxy S2, which I understand is a rare beast in the States at the moment but coming through in good numbers here in the UK. Makes a change for us on this side of the water.
Anyway as part of the setting up process I have found a cracking app called Photo tools. It is aimed at the serious photographer and brings together a mass of tools all in one app.
With something like 30 tools there are too many to go through here but they cover the DOF and hyperfocal stuff that I mentioned recently along with flash and exposure calculators. I particularly like the blue and golden hour tool that will tell you sunrise sunset, dusk and twilight times based on date and your location.
Another good tool links to calculating exposure times with ND filters. Now for low stops it is simple to just let the ttl metering take care of it but if you read our articles on the 10 stop filters you will know that composituon and exposure calculation can be a little tricky. Now it wont solve the composition problems but it will help when you run out fingers as you keep doubling ever increasing numbers of seconds as you mentally calculate the exposure time.
So if you are an Androidist get into the Market and download it.
There is one other great app that we dont have yet but you Applists do.
The Photographers Ephemeris which I have blogged about before is available as an iOS app. This tool also gives sunrise and sunset times but the best extra is the compass angles when set on the map. A perfect tool when planning your landscapes.
The good news is that is will be coming to Android soon.


  1. My fav app at the moment isn't photography based - it's called co-pilot and is the cheapest and best sat-nav on the iPhone IMO........

  2. Check out GoldenPic for iPhone and Android. Gives Golden Hours, Blue Hours, Sunrise, Sunset, Weather, GPS Coordinates (and lets you save them as a "favorite location").

    The iPhone version also has Moonrise, Moonset and Moon Phase info, which is coming soon to the Android version.

  3. Nisha,

    many thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog. We hope you enjoy our postings


  4. How about DSLR Controller???