Saturday 9 July 2011

Garden - Wildflower update

With the strange weather patterns this year, the wildflowers in the garden have been coming out at slightly different times, but this year has definitely been better than last.  Whether that is because my management is getting any better or whether it is a time related thing I don't know, but it has been pleasing to see some great blooms, and certainly the birds and particularly the butterflies have been taking advantage.

Here are just a few images that I have been taking recently.

Purple Loosestrife by the pond

 Ox Eye Daisy

Fabulous mass of poppies

Well I had a cracking day at Silverstone yesterday and enjoyed watching the Swallows darting and hunting low over the track picking up flies and insects on the wing, while watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix cars splashing their way round in the wet.  Fabulous action and sounds, but no images to share as I went primarily to enjoy the spectacle as from my vantage point photography was poor due to various trackside bits of clutter and granstand stanchions.  So enjoy the show if you are either there tomorrow or plan to watch it in the television

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