Saturday 30 July 2011

Saturday Quicky

Sorry for not having much to say other than its still over 100 degrees, We have had 8 days this year over 100 and the record is 12 days and looking at next week its high 90's, I will still be without a driving license for another 2 weeks so am starting to get cabin fever, The hummingbirds are very active and there seems to be a constant aerial battle over our garden as they are very territorial, I must try and get some images in the next 3 weeks before we move out and into an apartment, The apartment is on the ground floor so i will put some feeders out and can shoot from the balcony which may be better than here as i will be able to keep in the shade,If you live in Europe and do not have a car then you just jump on bus or train, Where i live in NC there isn't any infrastructure and if you do not have a car then you are buggered, I am glad that we have good neighbours and can sometimes get a lift to the shops or a starbucks, But on the bright side in the next 3 weeks we will have moved and i will have my driving license back
On a brighter note all the forums are buzzing with speculation of new products announcements from both Canon and Nikon in the next month-Time will tell


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