Sunday 17 July 2011

Sunday Quickie

Well it rained on Friday - St. Swithuns day and has continued to do so over the weekend, which is unfortunately coincidental with the start of the Big Butterfly Count that I mentioned earlier in the week.  So I shall hang on until it is warm and dry here and the butterflies can be tempted out to fly.  We have until the end of the month yet.

In the garden the wet weather has got the little froglets jumping around.  I haven't seen too many so far yet this year, which is surprising given the record number of tadpoles we had this year.

But in a similar image to Dave's from earlier in the week, here is one of them, but fully developed in that it's tail has disappeared now.

Although, it still seems to have that fat black middle section of the body of the tadpole, but the topsides are now the right colour.

Elsewhere in the garden, we are inundated with juvenile birds on the feeders from a range of tits, house and hedge sparrows, starlings and notably goldfinches, which look strange without their signature red and gold flashes

One of the young blackbirds has a bit of a problem in that it has a wonky wing, a bald patch under it, a gammy leg and seems to have a persistent sort of cough.  Other that that it is fine and is eating well.  I do worry about its chances with a few cat predators that come in to the garden, plus the ever present sparrowhawk that seems to prefer the larger birds.

The downsides of the bad weather is the cost of wife orchestrated trips to garden centres and a list of those 5 minute jobs.  Guys - there are never any five minute jobs - but I guess you already knew that.

They always take at least an hour, and involve pain at some stage, even if it is when you are just trying to find the bloody tools.

Right better go and tick off some more more chores.


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