Saturday 16 July 2011

Cyberpower PC

Finally its arrived, The new high spec/high tech PC from Cyberpowerpc, First impressions when i opened the box was that the packing was minimal, There was just some foam top and bottom and that was it, Upon opening the PC box and taking off the PC side they had put some packing in the PC compartment to stop things bouncing around in transit, I would have liked to see more protection around the main box but saying that it all arrived in good condition, The PC is huge compared to my old Dell, Its a full size gaming PC with lots of fans all round to keep things nice and cool, I quickly set it up and it booted up very quickly and silently, So far i have just put my mail, firefox and breezebrowser, Over the weekend i will add Capture one and Photoshop and try them all out together and see how it handles it, My old PC would bog down weh everything was open, This now should not happen, Being a guy i like my gadgets and this is one awesome gadget, Something that should last for years and allow me to add and grow as new technologies come out


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