Thursday 28 July 2011

Camera Bags odds and ends-Part 1

 I was cleaning out my camera and the other day and it was like going through a women's handbag-lots of stuff that you never think that you will need but keep it there just in case, A couple of years ago i met up with my buddy Phil Shaw and we shot together in Colorado, I met Phil at Denver airport and he instantly said that he wanted to go to Walmarts, There he bought some bird food and some Gaffer tape which made me raise an eyebrow but all was to be revealed over the next few days as we would stop at various places and Phil would dive into the undergrowth and come out with a nice looking perch which he would attach to something with a decent background with the gaffer tape, A sprinkling of bird food underneath the perch and we were ready to go and worked great, We got some nice Clark's nutcracker and Stellers Jay

If you carry a beanbag around then bird food is a good filling-you also keep a sachet of dog food in their incase you come across a fox.
Another item that i carry around are zip lock freezer bags which i cover my flashguns with if the weather turns nasty, If i set up for night photography i always cover my flashguns so that if it rains i do not have to leave my blind and disturb any wildlife that may be around, I like the zip lock bags as i can 'lock' them around the base of the flashgun stand and they cannot  blow off and it makes the set up extra water resistant, I normally use the small sandwich size but dont have any in the house and i threw the ones in my bag out so this bag is on the large size which isnt a problem unless its really windy and will make a noise
You may notice that the flashgun has some camo tape over the front as that where the red lights flash when you are in remote mode, I dont think it really matters although the fox seem more relaxed when they cant see the lights-all to do with confidence
Just make sure that you do not cover the area on the flash where the remote sensor is which is the small black circle on the side of a Nikon Speedlite


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