Monday 18 July 2011

A Bugs Life

Its been hot hot hot here in NC and also very humid, This normally means that the bugs come out in force, But not all bugs are bad and a pain, We have a huge variety of exotic looking bugs of all shapes and sizes, Last year i cut an orange in half and impaled it on a metal pole to try and attract some birds but all it seemed to attract was bugs and in particular the leaf footed bug ( Leptoglossus fulvicornis) which you can by looking at it where it got its name from, I have my D7000 with Sigma 150mm macro permanently set up at the moment so if i do see an interesting bug i can quickly grab a shot, This one landed on my garden table yesterday evening and although was a bit skittish as long as i moved slowly it was calm, I started to shoot with F8 but when focusing on the eye the body was completely out of focus, When shooting macro close up you are talking about DOF in millimeters, F11 helped a bit and thats what you see here, I think at some point i will have to invest in some photo stacking software


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