Friday 22 July 2011

All Change

Get ready for a rant-My driving license runs out today as thats when my visa runs out, I was told that if i came along with a form 797c i could retake my test no problem so i was at the DMV at 7am today, It opens at 8am and i was number 3, I go in and the 797c form that i had was the wrong 797c-how fucking stupid is that, So i was turned away and as from midnight tonight i have no driving license-So thats the weekend away screwed and money lost, Why has my visa extension not been done well in advance-well life is sometimes out of your hands and put in the hands of others, If those other hands cant be arsed to fill in said documents your life gets screwed and there is absolutely nothing that you can do, So now its going to be lots of phone calls and waiting, I hope it does not take too long as my wife does not drive so we are house bound, Apart from that we can not leave the country as we would not get back in and so if i have a family emergency which happens i cant go and help out, Just keep in mind if its your job to fill forms in that affect other people please do it, We started chasing this last December as i was afraid that something like this would happen, Now i all can do is put the kettle on and have a cup of tea-how very British, Did i mention that life is very stressful at the moment


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