Saturday 23 July 2011

Southern Hawker in the Garden - at last

It has been a relatively quiet year for Dragonflies in the garden this year so far, with very few sightings.

That changed on Thursday when this lovely immature male Southern Hawker showed up and was very obliging for the camera.

So here are few for you on the first of the teasels that have grown in the garden, that I am hoping will be attractive to the Goldfinches when they are ready.

All taken with the 5Dmk2, Canon 180 f3.5L macro, on the tripod, plus Live View.

Meanwhile, as I write this, It is great to have some warm sunshine in the garden at last, so don't forget your Big Butterfly Count while you are at it.


PS - Best UK dragonfly book below and App for your iPhone - yuk!  :-)

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