Friday 1 July 2011

My Canon 300f2.8L lens

I bought this lens nearly four years ago, at what was a lot cheaper than you can get it for now, thankfully.  Notwithstanding that, it still cost me a lot of money, but remains one of my least used lens.

300 is a bit of a funny length for a lot of wildlife imagery.

My 180 macro and the 500 are the primary workhorse and the 5Dmk11 is always fitted with that ready to go, and the 7D has the 500 on it.

But the 300f2.8 stays in the cupboard and see little use or love.  The 300f4L probably gets more use as when used in conjunction with the 1.6 crop 7D, the 1.4 EFTC, it makes for a great little walkabout combo for when you are covering a lot of ground and need to lighten the weight.

But back to the enigma that is the 300f2.8 L.  It is bitingly sharp, all aspects of the IQ are excellent.  AF is lightning fast, but for a lot of what I do it can be too short, unless you have very obliging subjects.

Such as this freshly fledged Blackbird on the top of our neighbours fence in the late evening light.  These juveniles don't know that they have to be scared of us yet so are quite happy to let us get close.  This image is full frame in the depth, with just a little off the right hand side, and taken on the full frame 5Dmk2.

With a straight conversion in C1 and just a tiny amount of sharpening, the 300F2.8L performance never fails to impress me.
So should I keep it or sell it?  That remains the eternal question with this fine lens.  Maybe I just shoot the wrong subjects.

Apols for the late post - other pressing urgent matters have been going on this evening.  All will become clear soon and I will share the reason why in forthcoming posts.


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