Friday 29 July 2011

Friday Quickie

It has been a lean time for me photographically of late.  Not through being unlucky, but with a mixture of demands on my time.  It has been quite busy in my business life, and at home, we have been working hard on garden projects.  Today has been rustic table building, and prepping for a load of old reclaimed sandstone slabs to go down under my recently built pergola.

While working out there today, I was kept in the company of Wonky Wing.  It is always great to see that she (we think it is a she now - although still very juvenile in markings) has made it through another day.

She has been making good progress.  Her persistent cough seems to have disappeared.  The wing looks less wonky, and the nasty large growth seems to be subsiding and feathering over.  She still has the thread stuck around her leg, but appears not to be limping so badly either.

So it seems with making sure she has a regular supply of varied food and water, it has helped her out.

As I type this blog tonight, a juvenile great Spotted Woodpecker is on the fatball feeder, a row of about fifteen House Sparrows are sat on the fence and another dozen or so on the lawn eating bread and seeds that are out for them, along with other Blackbirds, and Goldfinches feeding on the seeds in the wildflower garden.

We still have a number of Swifts overhead, but they will be leaving us quite soon I expect.

I am looking forward to finishing the current projects I have and getting own to spending some photo time with 'our' wildlife.

As a quick note, Butterfly Conservation have extended the time for the Big Butterfly Count until 7th August so if you haven't taken part yet, there is still plenty of time.

I have made my recording last week which I will share with you another time.


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