Tuesday 19 July 2011

Swifts not doing so well

Regular readers will know of the great pleasure I get from a lovely little bird that spends only about three short months with us here in the UK and that is of course, the Swift.

It seems that there are some sad tales associated with this, among many other bird species.

The RSPB is keen to hear from you if you have Swifts near you, as they have suffered about a 30% population drop over the recent past and  unbelievably are on the Amber list.

Full story can be found here and the link to the RSPB Swift site here.  Please do let them know as all data they receive is useful, even if only to say that you used to see them but don't know.

I was off work on leave yesterday, working in the garden, and certainly enjoyed stopping to watch them overhead from time to time.


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