Friday 22 July 2011

Badger Culling-Again

For more years than i care to remember the British government has been trying to eradicate one of Europe's most evocative animals and one if not the favorite European mammals of mine -The Badger-due to pressure from farmers, Lets not forget that the badger in the UK is a protected species and yet here we are gain with another culling about to begin, I remember reading an article many years ago where scientists actually put the boot on the other foot and blamed the farmer-why-well why do you think that badgers hang around farms and especially dairy farm? Well the answer is simple-easy food, They found that farmers either left the sheds open at night or that the doors etc were in bad repair and made it easy for the badgers to enter, Whilst i am not in the UK anymore i find it appalling that this still continues to happen, More details here

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  1. Agree entirely on this subject Dave. Luckily the farmer who owns the land where I photograph badgers is very tolerant of all wildlife - he doesn't even own a gun - so he is morecthan happy to look out for these wonderful creatures......