Tuesday 12 July 2011

Pond Life

Just after i finished scribbling the blog i popped into my garden to check the bird feeders which are next to the pond, I noticed something on the rock in the pond and on closer inspection its a minute froglet complete with tail, About 1/2''-3/4'', So i grabbed the Nikon D7000 and the ultra sharp Sigma 150mm Macro along with a 32mm extension tube and grabbed a few shots from the front and side-smallest frog i have ever seen, The light was low as was the shutter speeds so i am lucky to get some sharp images, I can see why Sigma have just added OS (Optical stabiliser) to this lens


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  1. Hi Dave,
    While down at Haw River yesterday (where Rte 64 crosses over) just before the business 64 exit (coming from Pittsboro), I saw a bunch of these. In fact, I first thought they were spiders as there are a lot of spiders in the underbrush there. They were moving too fast and trying to stay well hidden for me to get a shot. It seemed every step I took, they would scurry across the path.