Tuesday 12 July 2011

Stressful times

I am not sure why but everything seems to come at once, Our house is sold and we will be moving into a rental for 5-6 months whilst our new home is being built, It will be on 2.5 acres of woodland which has big gardens all round so in essence i will probably have 4-5 acres or more to make into my own sanctuary, The long term looks great for my local photography, They say that moving house or buying a house is the most stressful thing that you do in your life, It shouldnt be for us as we have done it many times, This will be the first new build and its quite exciting and scary all at the same time, My driving license runs out at the end of next week so early next week i have to retake it which is a pain, The new owners want the top floor repainted as its all white at the moment and the government is being slow in sorting our visas out, Add all that with dog sitting ect and there have been a few sleepless nights, The new land is mainly woodland, The house will be central with a long drive up to it so nice and private, There is a small wetland section so dragonflies etc should be good and there is a couple of small grassy areas in the woodland so that will be great for deer and bird set ups, There are some nice characterful trees for my night time opossum/raccoon and fox stuff so i will have a few blinds set up around the property for myself and hopefully those that want to learn the art of wildlife photography, The house will also have a studio in it for portraits and times when its miserable outside, Its a dream really for me, I had 2.5 acres when i lived in France and its a good size plot that allows untold possibilities, So we have a list of stuff to do and on that list is the new PC, It seems a while since i ordered it but in reality its only a couple of weeks, The Motherboard has changed from an Asus to a Gigabyte and the build started yesterday so i am hoping that it will be shipped either today or tomorrow-another tick off of the list, A couple of days decorating to finish the house off and some boxes to pack and then i think the best thing to do is grab the camera gear and head off out somewhere to get my head back into some order

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