Sunday 17 April 2011

Wild Weather

Get some hot/warm air and add a cold front mixed together with wind and you have all the ingredients for severe storms and tornados and thats exactly what happened here yesterday, We watched on the Doppler radar on both TV and my laptop as storms came across central and eastern North Carolina and listened as reports of tornado's touching down and damage to buildings and of course the trailer parks that seem to get hit more than any other building, We watched a huge storm come across and headed straight towards our area, As it crossed south east Raleigh it dropped a tornado which did some damage, the tornado did not touch down for long and the storm passed over us dropping a huge amount of rain and then 10 minutes later it dropped another tornado which traveled for some considerable distance up highway 1 towards louisburg, I am not sure how many tornados dropped over NC yesterday but i am sure it was more than 6 which for here is very rare, So we survived as did everybody else, I have not heard of any fatalities but there was a lot of damage, The tornados seemed to be rain wrapped so no chance of chasing them and hoping for pictures, Reports of golf ball sized hail keeps you away as well, Nature at its wildest right outside my window

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