Wednesday 13 April 2011

Image Sharpness

I am finally sitting down and getting on with some proper processing to try and shift the huge backlog of images i have and get them out to agencies after all they will not bring any money in sitting on a hard drive, One thing that you need to do is after you have done your adjustments is to increase the image to 100% on your screen and look all over for dust spot and remove them, Now when your image is at 100% its very big on the screen and it gives you a good chance to make sure that the image is critically sharp-not just nearly sharp or pretty good as that will not do but perfectly sharp, anything else and its for the bin, Out of the
40 000+ images taken in Japan i have around 1000 images to process, The rest were deleted for being either not being critically sharp, badly composed i.e bird in flight or i have just picked the best of a series of shots,
So i processed this image

and at 100% on my screen i got this

Not just sharp but beautiful as well, If a client wants to crop the original image heavily they can and still have a beautifully sharp image which is very impotant

When i shot the Snow Monkeys in Japan i mainly used my D3s with a 24-70 or 70-200 and the images are absolutely beautiful and incredibly sharp, The 24-70 is probably my favourite lens, I also had a tripod set up with the D7000 and 200-400 on it and again beautiful files that i have no problem sending out or printing up large
Here is another

and 100% crop

As you can see i have used fill flash on the above image, The use of flash also helps freeze the subject and give a perfectly sharp image, By looking at your images at 100% you can see if they are critically sharp and if not then you need to look at the techs i.e focal length used/shutter speed etc and try to find the reason why you are not getting perfectly sharp images, You do not need to own and use pro gear to get sharp images although it does help in difficult situations
In my next blog i will show you some of the difficulties in getting these snow monkey images


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  1. Stunning images Dave the one is the water is my favourite though, 40,000 images wow some sorting to get done there!!!