Saturday 16 April 2011

How to build an 'acceptable' garden hide

OK so you want a hide in the garden to shoot the wildlife that you have encouraged in.  You have bought a pop up hide and put it up to acclimatise the wildlife.  However, there may be trouble ahead or already breaking out.  For while the wildlife might be getting used to it, there maybe somebody else in your life that isn't and maybe it is making them wild as you turn your wonderful manicured garden into something that is not so aesthetically pleasing.

So here are a few tips for how you can have the best of both worlds.

Firstly get your self loads of old rustic oak, a few hazel poles, a few coach bolts, some brush screening, and some serious tools.

Build a rustic bench -  a Love seat for two!! How cosy and quaint and great on those summer evenings with a glass of wine or two.

Put some hazel poles around it, clad with the brush screening, and you have an even cosier love seat/natural gazebo.

Hang a romantic candle lantern for those balmy candle lit evenings as well.

OK now here comes the good bit for us wildlife photographers.

Add half a dozen little nails, two bits of camo netting, or even better, scrim cloth if you have it, and it two minutes flat you have your hide. Da da!!!!

Just waiting for the seeds that I put down around it to come up to blend it in and it is sorted

Good luck with the persuasion techniques



  1. Its a lovely little love nest for the both of you!!!! Emma xxx

  2. That's cool, I was thinking of a similar thing for my garden using a B&Q corner bench. Chris &