Sunday 3 April 2011

Project Pond

The weather has been pretty naff all week but today its bright and sunny, The  temperatures are starting to rise again and the spring flowers are enjoying the first sun for some days, I think they also enjoyed all the rain as they have really sprung up, This morning after watching the Moto GP i went back into the garden to add a bit more to the pond, The pond had been up a couple of weeks and showed no leaks so i built one end up with top soil and today i added some pebbles to it and a couple of rocks near the middle for birds to land on, I will continue to build the sides up with soil and have pebbles at one end and grass at the other giving me different options when i shoot, I will need to put rocks or something along the sides to stop the birds and squirrels from drinking in the wrong spot-It all looks a bit messy at the moment but should not take long to finish off-back to work


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