Tuesday 19 April 2011

Computer Maintenance

We seem to spend more time behind the PC now than in the field and when a PC slooooows down its a real pain in the butt, There are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that your PC is running as good as it can get and thats-

1,Use a good Anti Virus/malware software to stop the bastards that want to corrupt and cause nightmares to everybody in the world who has a PC, I use Trend Micros and so far with fingers crossed its been excellent

2. I use Ccleaner to clean my C drive and keep it clean from all the little bits of data that get left behind when deleting stuff and also cleaning my registry, You will be amazed how much space you get back after using it-hundreds of megabites and its free
When you first open it click on the analyze button and it will tell you all the crap that you have on your drive, then simply click the 'run cleaner' and in a few seconds it all gone, It cleans your temporary internet files,cache,history etc, The click on the registry button on the left and click on 'scan for issues' this goes deeper into your system and tells you all the stuff thats been left behind after deleting etc,and then click the' fix issues' it will ask if you want to do a back up and i always do just incase,  I have never had a problem but you never know and after you know that your drive is clean

3 Defrag your drive as data is stored all over your C drive and this will put it in some kind of order and speed things up-DO NOT defrag a SSD drive, I use Defraggler which again is free, This will take some time to do so i tend to do mine and leave it over night

So just by doing some house keeping to your PC you can keep it running smoothly and as fast as it can go


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