Saturday 23 April 2011

Go West

Just a quicky for me, I am all packed and ready for an early start to head west to San Francisco via Dallas, Looks like i will be leaving 80+ degrees and heading for 60+, I just hope that it stays dry, So whats on the list-well firstly Eared Grebes would be nice, I know a lake where they have been lately and its not too far from where i will be staying-fingers crossed as they will be a new specie for me, Avocets in breeding colours are always a treat and i hope for a day or so out on the sea in a kayak for sea otters-thats all dependant on the weather but i really enjoy seeing and photographing then so i am sure it will happen, I will also be meeting up with one of our blog readers which will be nice-more of that later next week
So the batteries are charged and the sensors have had a quick clean, I love California as there is just so much to shoot


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