Sunday 10 April 2011

Sunday Quickie

Phew what a weekend!!  Sadly not in a photographic sense but in a 'hard work in the garden' sense.  I will be glad to go back to work tomorrow to get a physical rest.

Two structures completed -a  rustic bench and the arbour is now clad with the brush screening.  Just a couple of minor add-ons to the side and it will be ready to use for photo purposes. 

Plus once I had got those out of the way, I then got calls to build other things for the on wildlife garden.  So to sum up either visits to garden centres that cost a fortune or working hard in beautiful warm sunshine - cant be bad.

Great views of three thermalling Buzzard overhead this afternoon, and more serenades by the warblers I mentioned in my last post.  Plenty of butterflies still and the tadpoles are getting bigger and stronger, although no legs appearing yet.

Clearly Blackbirds like fresh tadpole as well as we watched one having quite a feast this morning.

Hope you all had a equally productive or relaxing weekend

Oh yes forgot to mention - successful sortie to the Barn Owl location on Friday night.  She popped out of the brick barn and flew straight over the car  - beautiful.  It was even better as there was a great little pub 100 yards away so it was great to get a pleasant beer down while waiting for the light to drop.


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