Sunday 17 April 2011

Speeding up-Delkin card reader

I mentioned before that i recently purchased a new Laptop after mine died in Japan, I have upgraded the hard drive to a SSD or solid state drive and now it really flies, It boots up in seconds whereas my laptop takes minutes, The laptop has 1 USB 3 port as well as a couple of USB 2 ports, So last Monday i ordered a one of the new Delkin USB 3 card readers, It arrived on Friday, It has pluses and minuses, Firstly i inserted a SD card with over 170 images on it, In both Breezebrowser and photoshop the images downloaded instantly which is excellent and as it should be-up to 10 times faster than USB 2, The minuses being that its about 4 times bigger than my USB 2 card reader although the USB 2 reader only takes 3 different size cards where as the USB 3 reader takes 5 and the cord that attaches from the reader to the laptop is thick and comparatively stiff, Not the end of the world and the pluses outway the minuses, I was hoping to get a USB 3 portable hard drive before my California trip next week but that will have to wait a while then uploading and downloaded should be lightening quick


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