Saturday 2 April 2011

Saturday Quickie

I guess if I had posted this yesterday morning, you might have thought it was an April Fools.

Last weekend while walking back home from Stratford a most unusual sight  was seen as we walked over the River Avon.

It was certainly amusing quite a few other people and four young girls in one of the rowing boats.

There was quite a commotion going on in the river and following the source of the sound, I could see two Mallards mating.

The strange thing is that it was two Drake Mallards.  Certainly the one underneath on the receiving end of the one of the top didn't seem too impressed and was doing all it could to get away.

I am not sure that I ever seen homosexual behaviour in animals before but it was quite a surprise.

Maybe the title of this post is what the top Mallard was trying to do.

Right it is on wine o'clock now.  Have a good weekend


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