Wednesday 6 April 2011

Variable ND Filters

With my recent posts here and here showing the effects of using my 10 x ND filter, and Dave's article with teh Lee Filter version last year, I thought I would do a quick post about a variable ND filter.

I had seen these some time last year when I was getting my 10x but thought no more about it.

The system relies on two pieces of glass and give you a ND range between two and eight stops.

Check out this Singh Ray link.  I always laugh when I see that name as it reminds me of a children's puppet adventure when I was a child.  I guess you have to be of a certain age to get it - but I will just say Troy Tempest and Marina.

Anyway, this filter would help with one great difficulty that I have with the 10x screw on filter and that is composition.  As you cannot see a thing through the viewfinder so you have to do all the composition before you fit the filter, lock the camera off on the tripod and then fit the filter.  A bit of a faff.

With the variable ND you could set it all up with the ND set at say two stops, compose the image, and then wind it to whatever stop setting you want.  Simples!!

Any of you use it?  Does it work as it says it is supposed?  Be good to hear


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  1. They are quite popular over here but from what i gather they work great up to 5 stops and then you get all kinds of colour casts but still a good bit of kit