Tuesday 5 April 2011

One of those days

You know the kind-it would have made sense to just roll over and go back to sleep, Last night we had 60 mile per hour winds with torrential rain, Add some thunder and lightening and no electricity and it didnt make for a good night, Today it has continued, The traffic is at a standstill due to a huge accident on the interstate, No doubt people doing their norm here and traveling too fast, 2'' from somebodies bumper/fender and on the phone-yes its still legal and no doubts they had their kids in the car, maybe even drinking a coffee with one hand and putting make up on with the other-you see it daily-well it is the land of the free-sod everybody else, So i managed to drop my wife off at work and make it past the carnage on the interstate-i think there are a few people from that accident in hospital or the morgue as there was little left of the cars that were strewn all over the place, I get home and still no power, I did see some guys working on the power cables not too far away and there were some trees down from the winds so i am sitting it out in Starbucks, They also said that until mid day that there were chances of tornado's-well if i am going to go i will go with a Grande Latte in my hand-a happy chappy
One thing that stood out was that my hide/blind stood the test and made it through the night, i know that the pop up type of hide would have fallen to bits, i have said it before that the cube type hides are the way to go and last night proved it, The weather should brighten later today and the next couple of days look good so i hope to get the cameras out, There are raccoon foot prints in my pond which is interesting and have opened some new possibilities for the future, I have seen raccoon feeding in lakes before so are not afraid to get their feet wet, Yesterday i was processing the Japan trip images or at least starting to, I haven't made time since getting back to get much processing done but i need to get it done-just need power
Hopefully i will be able to put some images up in the next blog and maybe even be in a better mood


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  1. Dave that made me smile like to see your thinking of going out in style with a Grande Latte lol.