Friday 8 April 2011

Garden Catch up

I had a day off work today so have spent the day out there doing some more project work.  I know that we are only just about half way in to spring, but it was most summer like, and with the first 'shirt off' day of garden work, my shoulders are feeling it tonight.

I have just about finished a permanent hide except it looks nothing like a hide and is just a nice piece of rustic garden furniture (bench seat) and structure (pergola), which with a bit of additional scrim netting cloth pegged on will convert into a hide in about five minutes.  Will share some pics when I have fully completed so all you blokes  (or ladies) out there that want a hide in the garden but get moaned out by the other half that it doesn't fit in the garden, then fear not, I have the answer.

This year's garden bird list is now up to 37 so far with the latest additions being Little Owl, Tawny Owl in the last month along with Chiff Chaff, Willow Warbler and House Martin this week.

The butterflies are coming thick and fast now and although I wasn't at home on Wednesday, Jacqui saw the first Speckled Wood along with seven other species.

Checking the Warwickshire Butterfly Conservation website I noticed that there had not been any Speckled Wood sightings in Warwickshire recorded this year, so I put the record in, and we got the first sighting report for the County.

The wildlife hedgerow and wildflowers are starting to do well in the garden now, and the tadpoles are very active, having left the safety of the centre of the spawn.  I reckon there is at least twice the total of last year in there so it will be a bumper froglet year by the look of it.

Still got some more Dorest wildlife to process and bring to you.  Right - off out now to watch some Barn Owls that we have become aware of not too far from home.

Have a good weekend

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