Wednesday 20 April 2011

Garden Flora

So this year my wildlife garden enters its third growing season and it will be exciting to see what flowers will come up this year.

Already we have Speedwell, Bluebells, White Clover, Purple Deadknettle, Cuckoo Pint, Cowslip, Common Vetch and Common Tare.  Most of the hedgerow plants survived the bitter winter although some of the tops have died out and have been cut back.

I have reseeded round the hide  oops I mean pergola/love seat and that is starting to show life know.  Just need it to hurry up and get walkable so I can start shooting the birds in the reflection pool.

The Marsh Marigold has flowered beautifully and now going over, and early signs of Foxglove, Teasel and Campion are now appearing.

Last year in June, I did buy a native Orchid, a Common Spotted which I blogged about here,

I have been wondering whether it was going to make it back this year and when I got home from work on Monday evening I saw this.

So I am thrilled that is back and look forward to seeing it in all its beauty in a few weeks time.

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