Wednesday 6 April 2011

Patience is a virtue (and money saver)

....or at least it is when it comes to Canon pricing.

We have said it on here many times before, and it will, no doubt continue in this vein, at least here in the UK.

I was having a browse through the prices of Canon kit to see if there were any effects of potential short supply from Japan's problems manifesting themselves yet.

One the bits of kit that I looked at out of curiosity was the 300f2.8IS L lens.  Not the first version that I have, that is still a stunning bit of kit - lightning fast AF, brilliant IQ and razor sharp, but the replacement Mark 11 version.

Camerapricebuster is the place I go

Well the 300f2.8 L Mark 11 was launched at an eye watering £7499!!!.  It is now down to £5349.  Now that is still more than I paid for my 500f4 and nearly twice what I paid for my mark1 version of the 300f2.8, which is still available at £800 higher than I paid.

But the Mark 2 is now more than £2000 lower since last August.

It pays (saves) to be patient with new gear.


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