Thursday 7 April 2011

Going Sloooooow

Sometimes its nice to push your creativity and digital certainly allows that much more than in the days of film, Once you have a good portfolio of a specie why not experiment and try to get something different and unique, I was in this position in Japan where we had spent a few days shooting the Red Crowned Cranes, Once the light started to dip people would pack up and go whereas we decided to stay until it was to dark to focus and have a play with slow shutter speeds and just see what came out, The cranes are large birds so panning with them would be easy, Its nice to use a slow shutter speed to blur the wings and background but keep a sharp head, Its all very hit and miss but good fun and if one does come out good it looks great, To get the best effect you really need the subject flying parallel to you, You will soon learn just how fast or slow you need to get the effect that you want, It got to a stage where the light was completely gone and the birds were taking off in small groups so you knew that everything would be blurred but what the hell it may look good and if it doesn't then its not cost anything but cold fingers and extra time deleting, Now the images may not be to every bodies taste but i shows some creativity on your behalf and it gives you some practice at panning and it has to be better than being stuck in a hotel room


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  1. Ive been trying this over the last few days for my College work, as you say a lot of trial and error! But like with the second image it can produce some stunning final results!!