Sunday 12 June 2011

Sigma repair and redemption

i sent the Nikon D7000 at the same time as the Sigma 180mm macro, The Nikon D7000 was repaired and delivered back to me and yet i still had heard nothing from Sigma, Friday i was a little pissed by this so i called them, I was told that the guy dealing with it was out and then he appeared and i was put on hold for a few minutes whilst i waited for him, I was then told that he had gone out and to call back-now i was really pissed and barked back at the woman that I am the customer and he could call me back,, Whilst i waited for the call back i thought that i may get it back and sell it, Either get a Nikon macro or a 300F4 and use that with the extension tubes, It did not take too long before i got the call back, I was told that Sigma Japan was working on a firmware update, I asked why i had not been told this before i sent the lens in, So although they are working on a firmware update there was no date-could be months, So i was told that i had 3 options
1, They keep the lens and wait for the update
2, They send the lens back and i wait for the update and send it back
I was just going to explode when he said
3, We send you a 150mm macro and keep it until the firmware update appears
Instant redemption, So i said i would go for option 3 and they are working on getting me a lens until mine is sorted
The 150mm has an excellent reputation and i am looking forward to putting one through its paces


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