Wednesday 22 June 2011

Smoke stops play

It was a strange start to day, We were up early to get the house ready for its first viewing, A short while later i said that i could smell smoke and guessed it may be from the farm next door,  I drove a couple of miles away and the smoke seemed to get worse and a couple of hours later it really was thick, I turned the news on and it seems that there are wild fires in the south of NC some 2 hour drive away and yet here we were in thick smoke-must be some fire, I decided to finish off a website that i started months ago, Its still with livebooks who do my main wildlife site but it will be for portraits which is something i enjoy doing and have a small home studio, Its certainly different from wildlife but a nice change and in these days you need to diversify, So the website is now live but not advertised and will undergo some changes over the next week or so but you can be the first to see and comment,


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