Tuesday 7 June 2011

New Garden moths (and some old)

A couple of blogs ago, I said I would bring some of the cracking little moths that I had been lucky enough to attract in the garden via the moth trap.

So here they are

 Angle Shades

 Small Magpie

 Beautiful Hook Tip

 Elephant Hawk (first one this year)

Buff Tip

I was really pleased to get this last one.  Approximately 25 mm long, with its wings at rest it aims to disguise itself as a broken birch twig.  I didn't have any birch but have use a small hazel withy as the prop for this one.

These were from last weekend when it also looks like we got another Warwickshire first.

Jac and I went for a walk round a local SSSI on Sunday morning and were thrilled to see a Humming Bird Hawk Moth.  I put my record into the Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire, and it looks like we got the first one for the County on that site this year.

Right off to watch Sprinwatch now and check out the Skomer Puffins.  Maybe I should dig out some of my archive images for those little beauties if you would like to see them


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