Sunday 5 June 2011

More 'Garden ' firsts

I set myself a challenge a couple of days ago, and that is to capture a half decent image of Swifts in flight.  The night before they were down low, screaming around the gardens and houses as they took to feed.  With a late evening light, they looked beautiful.

So the challenge was borne.  Very difficult to follow and track, but even harder to get in the viewfinder in the first place.

It was while observing the Swifts I noticed a very different shape that was obviously a bird of prey.  Kestrel, Sparrrowhawk? - both regulars over Stratford upon Avon - no to both as it was very different.

Picking it up quickly in the viewfinder, I rattled a few shots.  It was never going to be a cracking image as it was so far from the camera.

But it was great to find out that it was a Hobby.  My first locally, and for the garden.  So with the Bullfinch being no 42, it was great to tick this one off as the 43rd for this year.

As I say, not great but certainly fine enough to accurately ID.

Well with a strange Spring this year, dragon and damselfly activity has been virtually non-existent throughout May.  But we did see our first Southern Hawker of the year in the garden yesterday.  Sadly, it was in the beak of a Male Blackbird

Anyway, lots of interesting moth species still to bring, including one of the Hawk moth species that I got this morning.


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