Sunday 26 June 2011

USB 3 Devices

Firstly i apologize for the lack of wildlife blogs by me for the last week or so, My house is on the market as we want to get a house with a good amount of land, So that means some touching up of the paint work and carpet cleaning etc, Add to that my wife has offered my services as a dog sitter whilst a friend is on holiday for 3 weeks and you understand why the cameras have stayed in the bag, I am shooting a couple of tennis matches today but nothing on the wildlife front, What i have been doing is getting getting all my drives etc turned over to USB 3 for added speed, I purchased 3 Rosewill external enclosures for my 3TB and 2x 2TB drives, I have a USB3 port in my laptop so i purchased a USB3 express card bus as i have a card bus port in my laptop, This now gives me 3 USB 3 ports for backing up etc which i use Acronis software for, The last time that i cloned my drives it took 27 hours so i will be interested how quickly it does it using the USB3 ports


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