Tuesday 14 June 2011

Its getting expensive and complicated

Since getting the D7000 i seem to hear nothing but people complaining it being disappointed by unsharp images or rather that they can get sharper images from the older cameras, I see this in Canon forums as well with bodies like the 60D (Both the D7000 and D60 being consumer cameras so in a lot of cases are somebodies first Dslr), I think there are various reasons for this, These days cameras have adjustment for lens calibration and i think its now going to be crucial for all lenses to be properly calibrated if you wish to get critically sharp images, Higher and higher megapixels mean higher pixel density and this again will show up like camera shake and mean technique will be all important and then we come to lenses, At some point the sensor will out resolve the lens and we will start to see more and more new kit lenses coming out to help compensate this like Canons recent announcement of the 55-200, This will be offered as a package with the standard kit 18-55 type lens, Now of you have just bought a 16-18 MP camera and are using your older type kit lens you may not be getting the best results that is possible, Some people have asked how i am getting such nice sharp images out of the D7000 and saying that i must be lucky to get a good one when i think in all honesty that the reason is that i calibrated ALL my lenses using the Lensalign system, I use only Pro lenses and i am 99% of the time shooting using a big sturdy tripod and still keep up a health shutter speed-lots of things that all added together will give a sharp image, I see images put up shot indoor ,handheld and too low a shutter speed and wonder why the image is not sharp, There are many elements in getting a nice sharp well exposed and well composed image and i try to make sure i cover all of the elements as best that i can, The hobby is getting expensive for everybody but especially beginners who just want a nice sharp image and would be better off buying an 8-12mp camera and then working up, Unfortunately that means buying a camera a couple of years old and most people buying electronics like myself prefer new, Its a double edged sword, We want the latest technology which means more pixels and then struggle to get the best out of it, I hope that soon camera manufactures will realize that somebody new to photography does not want to have to buy expensive lenses, does not want to have to calibrate lenses and does not want to have to buy big CF/SD cards due to the fact that a base camera has 20 mp, May be time to sit down and re-evaluate todays wants and needs, Maybe the new range of mirrorless cameras will change things and be a stepping stone up to a Dslr

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