Wednesday 29 June 2011

Mid week Quickie

With a small handful of hot days recently, it is remarkable how the butterflies have come back to life again.

With new garden species for the year of Large Skipper and Ringlet, we have also seen lots of Whites, a Common Blue ( I think - it would be nice of course if was a little more special, but it was on the wing so I can't be totally sure), plus Tortoiseshell and Comma, things are picking up again.  Still very quiet on the damsel and dragon front, although Jac did see a Banded Demoiselle two mornings ago, which is another garden first.

The garden is still alive with lots of juvenile birds, and the screaming Swifts are building into ever large gangs and flying later into the evening.  They have been wonderful to watch as always and I shall make the most of them for the next four weeks until they clear off again.  And I am still trying for that elusive half decent image on one.

Other than that it has been quiet on the wildlife front for me as well as Dave.


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