Friday 24 June 2011

Filters-yes or no

I am involved in a very big discussion on linked-in about the use of UV/Skylight/protective filters.I do not use any of these on any of my lenses, I do use a ND Grad and Poloriser filters (Lee Filters) when its needed but as i have the very best in lens glass i cant really see the point in putting an inferior piece of glass on the front of it, I did use to use filters and these would be $100+ so good grade glass but in the end i just prefer the lens and nothing attached, There were a few times when i would get lens flare caused by the extra glass and sometimes thats unavoidable, I always use a lens hood even when shooting indoors and to me thats as good a protection as you can get, There is a tongue in cheek look at the effects of filters on lens rentals site, The main bit i would look at is towards the end where they have 5 filters stacked-even the good quality filters knock the IQ way down, Imagine the image divided by 5 and you will see that adding a filter still has an effect on an image, My camera gear is insured so if it does get damaged in any way then i will claim, In all the years that i have been shooting i have never had to claim, The most important thing to me is image quality and for me that means less is best when it comes to glass


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