Wednesday 1 June 2011

Raptor Persecution - Good ? and Bad

We have  reported on the persecution of raptors far too many times on this blog.....sadly.  Just as recently as last month, I reported this story on Hen Harriers.

Sadly across at Rutland Water, one of the Ospreys, has gone missing, feared shot.  The third breeding male in the same area in recent times.  Seems far too coincidental doesn't it.

However, I found this story of a couple of prosecutions of Scottish gamekeepers that you might wish to read.

So while it is good news that this has happened, it is still sickening, when you read the details, that this is even happening.  Why does it still keep happening?  Why does the community involved 'appear' to be in such denial.  The excuse always seem to be that it is the result of one or two 'rogue elements'.

Sadly, there appears to be too much of a patter.

Now it is easy for me to say this, being hundreds of miles away, and not close to the reality of what is happening, and just tripping out 'stories' from the press.  So I am not setting myself up here as any kind of informed expert on this.
But as an observer, it is still unacceptable that anyone involved as a guardian of nature, conservation or wildlife, or at least claims to be that this is anyway acceptable.

It would be good to see a much greater condemnation from the majority of the law abiding community who have an interest.

Another link here to a story that you might also be interested, with views from 'both sides'


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