Wednesday 15 June 2011

Three Orchid Night

Yesterday was a very hot hot day, or at least by recent standards.  So with that in mind, I expected it to bring forth new species and we took a little wander round one of our local patch sites last night after supper to see what was emerging. 

Well the most numerous species were the newly emerged Five Spot Burnet moths.  I will bring you some of these in the next blog but suffice to say, we gave up mentally counting once we got to fifty.

As well as new sightings of Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Marbled White butterflies in this location, I was pleased to see all three orchids species at this location in bloom.

 Common Spotted



Well it has been a good year for numbers of orchids locally but the specimens themselves have been quite poor.

There is a view that the incredibly dry spring, in particular during May, which has resulted in small and stunted blooms.

Oh well - till next year then


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