Tuesday 21 June 2011

From the Kitchen Doorstep

As I mentioned recently, photo opportunities have been rare and short.  With that in mind, I have set myself a few 30 minute challenges in the garden to see what I can get.

Pond life has been limited - frogs and newt tadpoles are all growing but pretty boring photographically until they change a bit more.  There are no damsels or dragons at the moment, although it shouldn't be too long before we get a few more.  The next flush of butterflies are also due as well, so it was time to think about a few bird challenges.

So with the wildflower meadow at its highest I had to go for a few shots around the edges.

With a bit of food on the lawn, the little birds like to come and sit on my rustic wonky gate through into the wildlife garden, before dropping onto the food.

Sitting on the kitchen step after my return from work while Jac rattled the pots around making supper, it was a struggle of available light v acceptable ISO but I got these few to share with you that I quite liked.

Back next time with Blackbirds and recently fledged Starlings - cheeky things

PS - Happy Summer Solstice for all our readers in the northern Hemisphere, and for you guys and girls down under - summer is on its way to you now


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