Wednesday 8 June 2011

Service and repair

I mentioned a 2 weeks ago that my D7000 had gone back to Nikon for repair, The dial on the back that allows you to scroll up and down images and the menu only worked in the down direction, No big deal but a bit of a pain and whilst its under guarantee then why not get it fixed, My Sigma 180mm macro also went back to Sigma as it did not work at all with the D7000
Last Friday i received a mail from Nikon stating that they received the D7000 and sent a link so that i could see where it was and what was going to happen to it, Today (Tuesday)  i see that its been shipped-once again excellent and professional service from Nikon, They have been THE best camera gear company i have ever dealt with by far
Now whats with Sigma? No confirmation of receipt of the lens or anything regarding repair/costs etc


1 comment:

  1. That sounds like my experience with Sigma, took them 4 weeks to sort a lens out.
    Hope you get the lens back soon Dave.