Monday 13 June 2011

Strange Spring in the UK this year

Well after a cracking April when I got lots of work done in the garden in hot summer temperatures that resulted in a good 'Builders Tan, it all went a bit AWOL in May.  Cold, easterly winds, constantly blowy  and really very poor for macro photography.

The rush of life from butterflies and pond insects just seem to vanish throughout May in the garden.

Just one Speckled Wood a week ago and two Painted Ladies on Saturday just gone, and hardly any damsels after the first flush and just a single Hawker dragonfly that was prey for one of the many Blackbirds that come into the garden.

After a huge amount of rain yesterday here, after the driest period on record, I am hoping that the wildlife starts to get back to normal now.

In the pond, the tadpoles are now starting to get their back legs, and I will go on a hunt for Newt babies soon.

On the bird front, I think we have seen more freshly fledged youngsters this year than in any previous year here, with the first Robins and Blackbirds about three weeks ago, and now we have Starlings, more Blackbirds, Wood Pigeon, Thrush, Blue and Great Tits and plenty of House Sparrows.  In fact the latter are eating me out of house and home on the fat balls.

With a very busy work schedule at the moment getting out with the camera as much as I want is proving challenging.


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