Tuesday 28 June 2011

USB 3 Devices and Tennis

As i mentioned in my last blog, I had purchased USB 3 external hard drive cases so yesterday evening i cloned my main drive which is a Western Digital Caviar Black (2TB) to a Western Digital Caviar Green (3TB), The difference apart from the capacity is that the Black is 7200rpm and the green is 5400, The green uses less power and makes a perfect back up drive, The last time i cloned my drives it took 27 hours using USB2, The USB3 is said to be up to 10 times faster, Well it ended up just short of 13 hours so about half the time-way short of 10x but still way faster, The drives load images very fast into software like breezebrowser which was already fast-now its almost instant, I used my laptop to clone the drives so maybe a desktop with a faster processor may speed the process up-i hope to find out soon
I spent Sunday shooting some tennis matches, It was mid 90's and very humid and i have no idea how people play a long game in such hot conditions but they do, Luckily i could set up in the shade, I used my D3s and 200-400, tripod mounted and must admit i really enjoyed the session, Here are a few images for those interested


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