Thursday 9 December 2010

Wildlife News

A couple of bits of wildlife news caught my eye yesterday that I thought I would share with you.

Now I do like my Bird books and have shared a few options on here with you in the past.  I have even spent over £70 on one title The Scottish Ornithilogical Club  'Birds of Scotland' - this is a wonderful piece of work.  Two large volumes and weights a tonne - definitely not a field guide.

However, I think I might draw the line at spending this sort of money on a book that you would be too scared to open a page of.

I received an interesting tweet yesterday, via RSPB I think for my second piece of news from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.  It seems that the Cley Reserve has had a great breeding bird year, particularly for rare breeding birds.  However, it was the data in the table at the end of the article that caught my eye.  Now while I was aware of the limited numbers of most of the species there, what I wasn't aware of was the relatively scarcity across the UK of birds like the Gadwall, Shoveller and Pochard, as well as the Little Ringed Plover. Clearly these really are quite rare in the grand scheme of things.


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