Tuesday 7 December 2010

The Big Freeze continues

And with it changes the wildlife that we might see.  As bodies of water freeze up, creatures that depend on water move on to new locations..

Last year here on the River Avon in Stratford, Great Crested Grebes flew in and were temporarily resident until the usual more static sources such as lakes thawed.  This year I have seen a couple of Little Grebes on a couple of occasions.

In addition, look out for a much greater abundance of countryside birds coming into your gardens.  We have seen significant increases in Finches, Gold, Green and Chaffinches taking the readily available sources that we make available.

One of the problems of having a partner who is just as ken on wildlife is that I get all the texts telling me what has turned up in the garden after I have left for work in the mornings.  So it was nice to hear that Redwings and Fieldfares were in the apple tree yesterday morning.  This is quite good news as there are a number of berry sources that these birds like around here so I hope they hang around until the weekend at least.

So while there are now different opportunities for us in this weather, take care on the roads and don't add to the increasing accidents that are out there at the moment.


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