Tuesday 21 December 2010

A few more from the weekend

While Dave is off in the warm weather of Florida, it remains sub zero and very snowy here in the Warwickshire.  So here are another few shots in my snowy garden from the weekend.

 Female Blackbird - too many stops of dynamic range for digital to handle still.  Either detail in blacks and burned out whites, or underexposed blacks for correct whites.   Note lots and lots of seeds out

 Female Chaffinch all plumped up against the cold

Wood Pigeon waiting for me to put some more seeds out

The Male Great Spotted Woodpecker came in as well to but light really disappeared and shutter speeds too low for 500 + 1.4EFTC and 1.6 crop to cope with even at ISO 3200.

It is winter solstice here today in the Northern Hemisphere, so here's a cheer to the daylight hours getting longer from hereon in


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